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We have worked with hundreds of veterans to help them identify their purpose and establish clear pathways to new careers. Our programs are changing the way the veteran labour force is perceived by Australian industry. Through free education, skills-gap training and labour force predictive analysis, we’re building a highly-skilled and competitive pipeline of ex-military talent.

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Our approach to transition assistance

The name ‘WithYouWithMe’ is a military catch-cry for urban entry drills that essentially translates to ‘I have your back; we are in this together.’

It was chosen because it resonates with military personnel, while also conveying our belief that veterans should be empowered to own their transition by showcasing their talent and skills to overcome many of the negative stereotypes associated with veterans in the civilian workplace. 

We work with individuals at different stages of the transition process; ‘athletes’, ‘searchers’ or ‘underemployed’.


Veterans looking to transition in the next 3 months or more, considering future career options and willing to attend up-skill programs whilst on paid leave.


Veterans who have left the defence force or looking to transition in the next 3 months and need urgent help to find employment. These individuals will be fast-tracked through our programs.


There is another group of veterans that we class as ‘underemployed’, these are individuals who are settled into civilian life but are not working in roles that offer meaningful and rewarding career pathways.

The free WithYouWithMe training and subsequent job opportunity has provided a gateway for a stable and rewarding future working as a subcontractor on the NBN. The 12 week program is a jumpstart for veterans with no formal qualifications who are finding it hard to transition from a military background to civilian employment.

Veteran on the WYWM program

I was helped greatly by Tom even when the program was in its infancy and truly felt that I wouldn’t have been able attain my current position or even known the role without his guidance and help along the way. Have all of your ducks in a row before making the transition and you will find it to be a much smoother and painless entry into civilian life.

Veteran on the WYWM program

I found the transition very difficult. I went from a high pressure, high tempo environment into a job as a labourer. This, along with family issues and injury led to a degradation in my mental and physical well being. I approached a counselor, and committed myself to finding a better career and personal development. WYWM greatly assisted in this.

Veteran on the WYWM program


Our Australian labour market analysis has predicted a high demand for skilled workers in a number of areas. We up-skill veterans for free so explore your options and register today. 

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