Find a job to fund your dream acting career.

We train actors for in-demand roles in other industries, giving them the financial security to chase their passion. FREE registration and initial job coaching for a limited time! 

About Us

WithYouWithMe is a 360 degree career coaching company, specialising in the future of work and matching individuals to real roles in the job market.  

Flexible Online Training

We run face-to-face courses and online, flexible training packages across a number of industries including sales, recruitment, IT, cyber security and digital marketing.

Low on cash? Struggling to make ends meet? 

You can complete an online, part-time course in just a few weeks that gives you the hard skills required to secure a good job in an in-demand industry. 

Train fast and find work fast.  

Rather than losing sight of your dream career, find a supporting role that is the pefect fit for you.


Our online portal matches your personality and capability to job pathways and training that are the best fit for the individual.


When the financial pressure is off, you will begin to succeed in all aspects of your life. Your acting career can happen naturally and you can also excel in another role. Your competition will be left wondering where your inspiration came from!

- WithYouWithMe

Free registration and job coaching call – for a limited time only. 

To find our more about our job matching and available courses, register today. 


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