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Veteran Employment Report

WithYouWithMe has launched the first Veteran Employment Report, a snapshot of veteran employment in Australia. The report highlights the issues associated with the transition of veterans from the Defence Force.

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"Majority of the ADF transition support budget is allocated to those that are medically discharged or have completed 18+ years of service - most transitioning personnel simply do not qualify."


The Transition Challenge

The challenge with effectively transitioning ADF personnel to the private sector is two faceted; the personal problems with ADF personnel and the systemic problems with Australia’s private sector.

WithYoutWithMe’s solution to this problem is it’s ‘Link-Develop-Employ’ program. It is a sequential process designed to imitate the ADF career progression process, providing participants with a clear pathway from separation from the ADF to a new career in the private sector.

The program was designed by us from the ground up and is operated and managed by our staff. It is open to all ex-service personnel who have either left the ADF or are considering a transition.

All participants in our program have transitioned successfully to a new career in the industry they now know to be the right fit for them. Once they foster their own success, they return to WithYouWithMe as a mentor and support those that follow in their footsteps.

  • Little understanding of private sector workplace needs, making it difficult to communicate value of military skills and experience.
  • Unrealistic expectations of civilian work place and career choices – a job may not be what it seems.
  • Lack of professional network required to accurately align expectations.
  • Lack of insight on how to transition with confidence – ‘What do I do now? And how do I know that decisions I am making are correct?’
  • Majority of the ADF transition support budget is allocated to those that are medically discharged or have completed 18+ years of service, for which the majority of transitioning personnel do not qualify.
  • Australian public unaware of military careers and skill sets. This makes it difficult to assign positive value to a military resume.
  • This perceived risk is exacerbated by current veteran employment support organisations that paint veterans as ‘broken’ through constant messaging of ’help a veteran out.’ Hollywood further calcifes these concerns by almost exclusively focussing on PTSD.
  • Australian companies view veteran applications as a risk, preferring civilian applicants with trusted institutional qualifications.
  • Transitioning men and women will often take the job they can get, and not the job they want.
  • Accepting this type of employment results in low job satisfaction.
  • This new reality pales in comparison to the lifestlye and purpose provided by ADF, in some cases resulting in feelings of depression.
  • This increases the burden on the Government, and by extension the tax payers, to provide the necessary health support.

We tailor recruitment solutions for your company at no cost.

(Think of us as your Veteran Program partner)

Training and placement

We place veterans in anything from high profile to entry level roles that require no previous experience. We also run training programs to bridge skills gaps and translate ADF terminology prior to presenting candidates to employers.

Profiling and support

When veterans enter our program we assess their current situation and previous defence force skills, conduct our own internal DISC training and assign them a WithYouWithMe Career Consultant.

Our aim

We work with your internal HR team to design recruitment programs for your company. We tailor solutions for industries, companies and individuals to ensure we are are placing the best talent in the right roles for the long term.

Cut Hiring Costs

No need to advertise job positons or deal with recruiters. Our personnel are delivered trained and ready to work.

Right Fit

Our workforce science testing, cultural analysis and ongoing support ensure the right veteran is placed for the long term.

Social Responsibility

Our corporate program enables you to support veterans with tangible, measurable results that benefit your company.

Talent Pipeline

Veterans have received millions of dollars in government training and live by strict values, making them exemplary employees.

What does a veteran offer?

Veterans are exemplary employees due to their moral base. The military is a machine where every cog must work effectively or the machine stops. To ensure human error is minimised, military personnel live by strict values. This generates exemplary employee’s.


Honest with strong morals.


If you made a mistake, you own it.

Results driven

The job isn’t over until it’s over.


Don’t wait for instruction to act.

Time management

An 80% solution is better than late.


Invest in your peers to build the team.

Comfort in chaos

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.


Take risks but be accountable.


Secure required logistics for success.


Work hard, be fair, enjoy the spoils.


Stand behind in success, in front in failure.

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February 2018

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