Mentor Program

It only takes a few hours a month to mentor veterans. If you are an advocate for your industry, we would love to have you join the program. (If you haven’t logged in since Dec ’17 please signup again)

Time Investment

1 hour per month face-to-face or phone coaching time per veteran.

WYWM Support

Our team will be available to help at any time via phone or email. 

Advanced Tech

Veteran matches are ranked by industry, location & urgency. 

Why Take Part?

Mentoring can greatly improve a veteran’s chance of finding a job. 

How you impact our veteran program

Step 1 - Link

Veteran completes a skill and personality profile, selects a career pathway and then shows up on the list of mentees you can reach out to.

Step 2 - Develop

The mentor connects and provides guidance while they complete WYWM training, answering questions about their chosen industry.

Step 3 - Employ

WYWM and the mentor then refer the mentee for existing industry job opportunities whilst helping them to grow their professional network.

Our Transition Ambassadors

Since leaving the army, Steve Willis (or Commando Steve as he is better known) has become one of Australia’s most recognised and respected Fitness Experts.

Steve Willis

WYWM Mentor, Get Commando Fit

Former RAAF Wing Commander Lee de Winton has been appointed as the new CEO of Sydney Metro Airports, heading up operations for Bankstown and Camden.

Lee De Winton

WYWM Mentor, CEO Sydney Airports

Kay is the Head of Practice & Quality and the ACT Strategic Relationship Manager at Sageco – a RiseSmart company that manages organisational and demographic change.

Kay Hull

WYWM Mentor, Sageco

Now a sought after Change Manager, Craig discovered his passion for change management while working in Afghanistan in his role training allied forces in communications technology.

Craig Ball

WYWM Mentor, Sydney Trains

Spread the word

To really make a positive change we need as many mentors as possible. Please add your mentor statuses to your Linkedin profile, invite your colleagues to our events and share the positive veteran labour message.