The WYWM Cyber Military Training Program was launched in 2017 with a mission to build a cohort of highly skilled candidates to fill the looming labour gap in the Australian cyber industry.

This innovative course develops combat and intelligence military members into cyber professionals, combining defence force planning and tactics with technical skills to grow new cyber capability in industry.

With over 45 individuals already involved in the program across three streams, this new pipeline of talent will soon be ready to join companies and safeguard their computer networks, ensuring systems are in place to protect sensitive information and proprietary data from cyber criminals. 

Cyber Analysts + Operations Managers

Cyber Pen Testers

Cyber Project + Change Managers

Why veterans in cyber?

They can analyse. They can defend. They can instruct. They can influence change.
And they are cleared to do so!

Would you like to hire veterans in cyber?

Online training.
Entirely free.

The WYWM Cyber Military Training Program is part of the WithYouWithMe Veteran Academy and is entirely free. Up-skill at no cost for your new career and increase your confidence before or after transition. 

If you are a veteran and interested in a cyber career, register now